Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So sad August is over!!!!

August was such a great month!!!! I need to get pictures from all of my family, because I realized that the extent of my pictures is pathetic. So here is August from my camera....soon I will post August with other people's pictures of us. Last weekend we took the boys to Las Vegas where the Shock played in and won the Arena Cup. It was so fun! We were behind 20-21 at half and came back in the 2nd half to win 74-27! It was great to visit Hillary and Jeff and Betty and Jeff, since they live there. Eric's parents, GG Lois and Lindsey also came. When we were at lunch with GG Lois, she was sitting across from Jackson. She told him, "you know Jackson, I want all my great grandkids to sing at my funeral. I want you guys to sing I wonder when he comes again, and I want you to sing the 3rd verse as a solo." He thought about it for a bit and replied, "I guess I could do that, but when should I start rehearsing?" We all had a good laugh. I had to explain to him that he was basically asking her when she was going to die. These Shock pictures are for you, Danielle--since you think every post is Shock pictures. I didn't want to disappoint you.

It was so fun hanging out with Betty and her new family.

Reagan and Hayden--and you can kind of see Lindsey and Jorie.

The Zumbrunnens came back for a visit. Olivia loves Emily and Kejia--she had to pose for a picture. She is so crazy! I think she learns a little too much from tv. She told me the other day,"Mom, there is this thing that you only have to do 3 minutes a day, and in a few short weeks your abs will be transformed! Also mom, I think you would really like a 'bump it' for your hair. They have little ones for your bangs, or bigger ones for the back of your hair. You would look soooooo beautiful!"

When Mark and Heather came, we had family pictures out at the lake. (Pictures of the whole family in future posts!)

On the way back from Blue Lake, we stopped for some bridge jumping. Here is Jackson climbing up to take his jump.

One of the highlights of Mark and Heather's visit was going up to the Priest Lake cabin. We took an awesome hike. Eric showed the kids a little fly-fishing on the river and we picked huckleberries. The climate is so different up there. It was crazy rainy there and cooler. It was so gorgeous! We were pretty wet, but the kids will always remember our hike. My parents were so cute. My dad was like a little kid in a candy store. This was his first experience picking huckleberries. We hit the mother-load of huckleberries. Eric has been up there quite a bit and has never seen them quite as good.

Jackson and Jake

We ended filling about 2 gallons worth. If you were to buy 2 gallons worth it would cost you about $80-90.



Hayden, Eric, Carter,Braden, Chad and Liv

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