Friday, August 7, 2009


Eric's parents, Hillary and Jeff came to visit us back in July. It was a funfilled, action packed weekend for sure. For some reason I couldn't fit all of these pictures into one post, so this one is Silverwood and the next one is Silverwood and the rest of the weekend. This tube ride was so fun when you have 4 adults and 2 kids. I kept on being on the top when we went up the sides. I was screaming so loud. I thought I was going to fly over on top of everyone.

Hillary and I have the best time together! I am so thankful to have awesome sister-in-laws!




You might be here a while..........

Hillary and Jeff

Eric and Jackson

This is so Olivia!

Ofcourse we spent time at the lake! Jackson had to show his skills wakesurfing.

I am not a good wakeboarder! I'm always too scared to ever get any better. This day I was feeling pretty good. It was a perfect lake day, and I was feeling invincible. I actually got some real air and then.......I took the worst fall ever. 3 weeks and several chiropracter appointments later, I am feeling much better. I walked like an old woman and could hardly move for a week. It slowly got better, but as a mother, I don't know if it is worth it. I'm pretty happy being a bad wakeboarder and not getting any better.



Jackson was getting really good air, and I guess I was feeling a little bad that my children are better wakeboarders than me. I need to just be okay that 10 year old bodies are different than mine!



The Shock game this weekend was amazing! It came down to the very last play of the game, and we won. Eric sat on the front row with the boys and Hillary and Jeff during the first half. Then the second half I went down on the front row with Hillary, Jeff and Jackson. Eric was up in the box with the little kids. Hillary and I had the best time ever! It was so exciting! I was completely hoarse from screaming.

Carter loves Shox the Fox. Carter is crazy down on the field after the games. He runs around throwing, catching, and kicking the balls and running into people--even people he doesn't know.

The week before this game, the boys were in Shock football camp at the practice center. It is always one of their favorite camps. Jackson loved being a star--he is one of the oldest kids in this age group. Hayden loved it until the last day when we got into the car. He was so tired from having sleep overs a few days in a row. He started crying and told me that it wasn't fair that he hardly ever got the ball. Jackson was bragging about his touchdowns.

Hayden is in the orange shorts, and Jackson is in the red shorts on the right.

Jackson is screaming out directions as the quarterback.

Jackson is running down the sideline on the way to a touchdown.

4th of July in Deer Valley--Better late than never!

Last month we had a great Enloe gathering in Deer Valley for the 4th of July. Parker had a client with an awesome condo that we all got to stay in. There were a few gliches--the water heater was broken--but you definitely can't complain when it is free.

Jeff celebrated his 31st birthday while we were there. I'm pretty sure Olivia was more excited about his cake than anyone. She drove back to Las Vegas with Hillary and Jeff and got to stay with Aunt Betty for 4 days. Hillary brought her back to Spokane when she came to visit the next weekend.

We went to Park City and rode the Alpine slides. The kids thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

There was a pool at the condo that the kids wanted to be in every minute of the day.

All of the kids were always piled on Eric or Parker in the pool.
On the way back home, we stopped in Logan to see our friend's the Warnicks. They are moving to Dubai this month, and we figured it was a lot easier (and cheaper) to visit them in Logan than in the Middle East.

Back in June Olivia had her end of the year soccer party. The whole team got trophies, and that might have been the most exciting moment of Olivia's life. She shows her trophy to everyone and wants to keep it in the living room for everyone to see. She tells everyone that her trophy makes her special. I've tried to explain to her that "things" don't make you special. I told her that working hard in soccer makes her special, not the trophy.

Also in June, we went to my friends' sons birthday party. Tara's sister does facepainting, and Olivia was not going to miss out on that. She said later, "mom, aren't you so sad that we don't know that face painting ladies phone number so she can come paint our face again?" I told her that was very sad. I didn't tell her that I had her phone number and could easily get a hold of her.