Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Winter from my iphone

I have been really bad about taking pictures these past few months!! That is one of the reasons I haven't blogged in forever. Another reason is that there hasn't been anything too exciting going on. This post is made up of a selection of pictures that were taken with my phone--not the best quality. My cute friend and neighbor has 2 daughters that babysit Olivia sometimes and love her. They took her to a basketball game, and Olivia really wanted to dress for the occasion. Everything had to be pink!
On Olivia's friend Katie's birthday, we took the girls to get their nails done. Olivia thinks it is the coolest thing!

Sometimes I have to take Olivia to school when she misses the bus. It is usually my fault, because I am doing her hair. The boys tell me they aren't waiting anymore, and they leave without her.

The neighbor girls that love Olivia, gave her their old American Girl matching pajamas.

On Martin Luther King Day, the high school girls had a gymnastics camp that Olivia went to. She was a natural!!!! She has the perfect body for it.

We have seriously had the best winter ever! We had the smallest amount of snow before Christmas, it snowed once during Christmas, and then it hasn't really snowed since. It has been spring like weather for a few months. My kids have never played this much outside during the winter. This was early February, and they were out on the trampoline in shorts and tshirts. I probably would wear more clothes outside in February, but they are kids and crazy.

We spend more days than I care to admit at places like Chuck e Cheese and McDonalds. I put Olivia in 1/2 day Kindergarten, so we do a lot of playing in the afternoons. Hayden thinks it is so unfair, because he had all day kindergarten and didn't get to play so much.

I tend to take a lot of pictures of Carter--maybe because he is 3, and I don't want him to grow up! (A lot is relative. A lot compared to the other kids)
Sometimes we realize that we haven't seen Carter in a while. When we call out for him, he doesn't answer. Then we find him asleep in his bed. He also keeps the light on. No matter how many times I turn it off. He will wake up and turn it on again. No idea why.

This day he fell asleep in the car, so I put him in our bed when we got home. I came in later, and he was just about falling off the bed--completely asleep!

Carter likes to wear my Uggs. He also found Olivia's old Uggs and has taken them over. He wants to wear them all the time with whatever he is wearing.
The past few months we have spent a huge amount of time at Jackson and Hayden's basketball, indoor soccer and futsal games. Unfortunately I never took my camera to take pictures of them. I spent my time chasing Carter and Olivia and trying to keep them happy during the games. They spent a lot of time playing on my phone or on Jackson or Hayden's ipod touches. Carter took about 300 pictures of random things. He took the rest of the pictures in this post. It is just a sampling.......Life according to Carter....
Here I am sitting at a basketball game. Why not take pictures of my feet?

And Olivia.......

and mom and Olivia.......

and mom getting ready in the morning.....I have to be right next to her when she is doing her hair or makeup.

another lovely picture of mom......at a basketball game.......I say to her over and over, "say Cheese mommy!"
Doodle Bug on mom's phone is also good for passing the time during Jackson and Hayden's games. Olivia drew this picture.


I'm pretty sure that sugar cookies are my very favorite dessert--and I love eating Valentine's cookies. I was in charge of bringing sugar cookies for Olivia's class party for the kids to decorate. I thought if I didn't make them, I wouldn't eat them. So I ordered cookies from the grocery store. Unfortunately, they were really good, and I ordered way more than Olivia's class needed. So I ate a few........
The kids decorated some of the left overs at home.

Can I just tell you that I'm pretty sure that my kids are the messiest kids on the planet!!!! When Olivia decorated her cookie at her class party, there was frosting everywhere. Way more than any other kid in the class. I am constantly amazed at how much of a mess they can make with anything. I think it is supposed to teach me patience and self control--and I am failing miserably.

In January I had a baby shower at my house for my friend Kristi.

Where's the Fire?

Carter's playgroup joined with another playgroup to tour the firestation last month--or maybe the month before--I can't even remember when it was. How pathetic! Carter loved it! All the other kids were so well behaved and quiet. Carter spent the entire time asking the firemen questions while they were talking. I'm very glad that they ignored him, most of the time. He kept on saying, "what's that for Mr. Fireman? What's that one for Mr. Fireman????"

So, it has been a while...a long while.....

So I guess I never finished even posting my pictures from Christmas break. It's only been like 10 or 11 weeks...I'm right on top of things:) Eric and my brother Mark took the boys up to Silver Mountain a couple times while they were here over Christmas. Jackson and Hayden are loving the snowboarding and Austin, Braden and Chad were on skiis. Hayden


Austin, Braden and Hayden


Sorry Jackson--I guess dad din't take very many pictures of you! Hayden definitely dominated the camera!

Olivia got her doll with the matching clothes from Grandma Enloe for Christmas.

Natalie had Olivia for Christmas, so Paula made them matching Olivia the pig pajamas. Olivia absolutely loves them!!!!!!!