Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The rest of March and April so far

Last month we went to Chris Burton's wedding reception. We got to see the whole Burton family, and it had been close to 10 years. It was so good to see them!

Carter's class had a St Patrick's day party. He's the one taking off his beard of course!

Olivia for her hair cut and hi lighted at Abbey's salon.

I went to the midnight movie of Hunger Games with my sister in law, Brenda. She and her friends and sisters dressed up like people from the capital. They looked awesome! I didn't dress up, because I'm just not that exciting....

A little trip to chipotle--one of my favorite restaurants:)

Then a trip to lululemon at Trolley Square--one of my favorite stores:)

Carter learned to ride a bike without training wheels! A very big day at our house!

Our neighbor gave Olivia a hand me down bike, and she loves it! It looks twice her size, but she does great on it.

We went to Arizona for Easter and a Shock game vs the Rattlers.

One of the kids took this picture of Walker--that explains the blurriness.

Last weekend ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon with one of my besties Tara. She flew down from Spokane. We stayed at the Monaco for two nights and had a little girls weekend. It was so much fun!

Tara's mom--whom I also adore--hung out with us some of the time.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Our visit to see Baby Walker

Hillary had her baby on Leap Day last week! His name is Walker, and he is the most beautiful sweet little guy! Carter came with me to hang out with Hilly and Walker. Nichole and Kate came, too.

Here are some more pics of the gorgeous little guy....

We have even had a little time for fun with everyone--you know....trip to Target, 2 trips to Los Tacos, 2 trips to Lululemon, Excalibur fun zone, Shark Reef etc.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flat Natalie

So my niece Natalie had a school project that we got to have a little fun with.  Her first grade class sent us an envelope with a carefully folded in half "flat natalie."  They must have read the "Flat Stanley" book in their class.  I told Eric that we got a flat Natalie in the mail.  He responded, "That is terrible!  Why would they call it Fat Natalie?"  I had to annunciate a little better and tell him it is flat Natalie.  We were supposed to take her on adventures and take pictures and send back souvenirs from our adventures.
 Flat Natalie got to watch Olivia's futsal game.

 Flat Natalie got to visit BYU and go to a men's volleyball game.  She got to keep her ticket stub.
 She also got to go to the Utah State 5A high school boys basketball championship game.  Our high school Lone Peak won!  She got a little sick on the red vines and popcorn.
 We then took Natalie to our little town's city hall and the park where her mom used to play when she visited her Grandma years and years ago.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January & February 2012

 We must have had a pretty boring January, because I only took 3 pictures!  We had a great time in Las Vegas for Jackson and Hayden's soccer tournament over Martin Luther King Day weekend.  This picture above was taken in the car on the way down.  The kids fight over who gets to hold Milo in the car.  Carter wanted me to hurry and take a picture, since Milo actually looked happy to be with him.  It is actually pretty sad--Milo can't stand Carter.  I felt bad for Carter at first, but he tortures Milo.  There is good reason for Milo to not like him.   We stayed with Jeff and Hillary in Vegas, and Hillary was a great good luck charm at the games.  They always win when she is there:)
 We couldn't resist taking a few pictures of Milo during this bath.
 My parents came to town for a family history conference, and then they stayed with our kids when we went to Hawaii.  We took Jon and Chris to the new bbq place by our house.  Jackson and Hayden are in love with Ribs!!!

 Once again--now on our ride to St. George for another soccer tournament--Carter wanted a picture with Milo.  This time Milo was a neck pillow for him.

 This soccer tournament was over President's day weeekend in St. George.  We stayed in the house that Eric's company has ownership in.  Their clubhouse has an indoor/outdoor pool, so the kids got to go swimming between games.  Jackson's friend Caleb stayed with us for the weekend, too.  Unfortunately, the u-13 games were held in Mesquite.  It made for confusion since it is a 30 min drive, but 2 states away and a different time zone.

 After our last game on Saturday night we headed to Las Vegas to stay with Hillary and Jeff, since we didn't have any games until Monday morning.  It is only a little over an hour away from Mesquite.  We went to a show in Caesar's Palace with Jeff, Hillary, Mike and Beth.  It was the Matt Goss band.  It was really entertaining--and much cheaper than the big time shows down there.   I obviously didn't get a very good picture!
 When Eric and I were in Hawaii, I think Olivia missed us the most.  She would face time us a bunch from her ipod and text from her ipod, too.  She often sent a little picture of herself with the texts.  This is one of them.
Lastly, a little doggie abuse by my kids--and I guess me since I took the video.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011

Since we moved to Utah, Olivia has been taking gymnastics.  She is really made for it!!!  She has the tiny gymnast body and tons of energy and no fear.  She is really quite cute.  Her class did a little open house before Christmas to show the moms a little of what they have been working on.

 Milo's favorite spot to hide was under the Christmas tree.  When he didn't want me to catch him, he would go behind and under and around....he is so darn quick!   After we took the tree down I also found that this was his favorite place to go to the bathroom.  Wow...why did I ever get a puppy??  He has been such a pain trying to potty train!  Whenever I think he is doing really well and hasn't had accidents, I find a spot where he has hidden to go.  It is disgusting!  Good thing he is cute.....
 Carter with his preschool teacher, Mrs. Bradshaw on pajama day:)

 Carter's Christmas party at preschool
 Carter and his buddy Oliver

Have you ever seen a bigger zit in your life?????  I thought you weren't supposed to get zits after you were a teenager!  It made my whole forehead stick out and it was really sore!
 We went to our neighbors house as family and decorated gingerbread houses.

 Since we were going to Spokane for Christmas, we went the weekend before to Vernal to have a little Christmas with Eric's family.

 A few days before Christmas we headed to the Lake for Christmas with my family.

Sadly, I didn't take very many pictures.