Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011

Since we moved to Utah, Olivia has been taking gymnastics.  She is really made for it!!!  She has the tiny gymnast body and tons of energy and no fear.  She is really quite cute.  Her class did a little open house before Christmas to show the moms a little of what they have been working on.

 Milo's favorite spot to hide was under the Christmas tree.  When he didn't want me to catch him, he would go behind and under and around....he is so darn quick!   After we took the tree down I also found that this was his favorite place to go to the bathroom.  Wow...why did I ever get a puppy??  He has been such a pain trying to potty train!  Whenever I think he is doing really well and hasn't had accidents, I find a spot where he has hidden to go.  It is disgusting!  Good thing he is cute.....
 Carter with his preschool teacher, Mrs. Bradshaw on pajama day:)

 Carter's Christmas party at preschool
 Carter and his buddy Oliver

Have you ever seen a bigger zit in your life?????  I thought you weren't supposed to get zits after you were a teenager!  It made my whole forehead stick out and it was really sore!
 We went to our neighbors house as family and decorated gingerbread houses.

 Since we were going to Spokane for Christmas, we went the weekend before to Vernal to have a little Christmas with Eric's family.

 A few days before Christmas we headed to the Lake for Christmas with my family.

Sadly, I didn't take very many pictures.


Wendy said...

I guess I'm just lucky, I just don't get zits. :) Best memory ever.

Celia carneiro said...

gostei muito....