Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lost Finale Party

When my sister Carol throws a party, she doesn't mess around!!! She had her lost finale party at my house, so everyone could watch it in our theater room. Everything we ate was island themed and had some significance to the show. All the stuff was covered with Dharma labels. Even our soda was covered with beer labels.

Friday, June 18, 2010

May Moments

We had a busy May, and I was no good at taking pictures and documenting. Pretty much if a picture was taken, it was taken with my iphone. I do have a few other pictures I need to post, but Eric has the camera with the memory card. When he gets here to Arkansas tomorrow, I can post more. Then when I get caught up, I can post what is actually going on now! This is kind of a silly looking picture of Jackson. He took it himself with my phone. But I saw it, and it reminded me that I really wanted to brag about him! He is growing up so much, and I am so proud of him. When Eric and I were in Arizona, he spent the night with a friend on his soccer team. They had an out of town game that Saturday, so he drove with them. When I got back Jackson told me he was kind of like a missionary. I asked him what he meant. He said when they were driving back that his friends parents were asking him all kinds of questions about our church. He said he knew all the answers and it was fun to talk about it. The next day I was talking to his friends mom. She told me that she was really impressed with Jackson. She said that he must really listen in church. She also said that she didn't know why everyone thought that mormon rules were so strict, because it really seemed that by everything Jackson told her that all the rules were to make us happier. She said they were so interested in everything Jackson was telling them, and her son kept on trying to get Jackson to play on their ipods but they wanted Jackson to keep talking about his religion. I was so proud of him! I'm also so impressed by how hard he works at something when he wants it. The last several months he has practiced soccer nonstop. He wanted to make the first team of his soccer club. Then we found out we were moving, and he decided he wanted to make the first team of the club in Utah where he was going to try out. I kept on telling him not to get his hopes up. Sure enough, he went down to three days of tryouts and made the premier team. He said, "I told you mom!" He was one of 4 new players on the team, and there was over 40 boys trying out for the 2 teams.
On May 15th I ran a relay marathon with my neighbors--Chris, Lark and Elizabeth. It was way more fun than I ever thought it would be. I had a cold and wasn't feeling well, so I almost ditched out and had someone else run. I ran the second leg, and it was all on the trail. It was such a beautiful day, and it gave me motivation to get running more and do a longer race again.

Hayden and his friends from his baseball team all got their numbers shaved in the back of their head. I'd never even seen him with a crew cut before, so it was a little bit of a shock. He loved it, though. Then on Sunday as we were walking into church I realized how funny it looked when he was dressed in church clothes. We sat in front of a 90 year old couple. I could hear them talking about him. The woman said--in only the way a 90 year old woman can whisper--"I feel sorry for him!" I told her husband later that it was ok. Hayden meant to do it to himself and he likes it!

The boys were evidently bored this Sunday afternoon. All three of them decided to get in the bookshelf cupboard at the same time.

A great Saturday afternoon in the sprinklers!
I went with Heidi, Danna and Meghann to the Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum concert. It was such a fun girl's night!

We went out to dinner at Anthony's with the Pypers for Taraka's birthday. It was probably the best salmon I have ever had--so good! It was such a beautiful night!

Olivia's Dance Recital and Goodbye Princess Palace

On May 13th, Olivia had her dance recital. She took from Miss Maureesa's Dancing Queens. She loved it! Miss Maureesa did such a cute job with all the costumes and dances. Each class had two dances and two costumes. Olivia's class did a ballet number first--they were adorable little doggies. Then they did a tap number to Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown. She was so animated and cute. Olivia just loves her Daddy! She was very particular that he needed to be there for her recital. He had been coming home on Fridays, but he made his plane ticket special, so he could come home on Thursday and go to her recital. He made sure that we had flowers for her, and she was so happy to have her daddy at the show!

When we sold our house, the people that bought it put in our contract that we needed to paint Olivia and Carter's rooms and the downstairs bathroom. We took pictures in Olivia's room before we said goodbye to the princess palace--so sad:(


Last month, Eric and I went to Arizona--without the kids. It was such a great trip! We met Eric's brother and sister-in-law Corey and Brenda and stayed with Ryan and Nichole. Nichole got babysitters for her kids pretty much the whole time we were there. It was such a relaxing fun time. It was our 14th anniversary just a few days before, so it worked out great. We ate delicious food, got pedicures, went shopping, sat by the pool, saw a movie and went to the Shock vs Rattlers game. My mom was nice enough to watch the kids from Wednesday night until Sunday morning for us:)