Monday, February 23, 2009

February Happenings

Please help me!!!! Blue and Gold Banquet is tomorrow night, and Eric is out of town. He is always the one who decorates the cakes with the boys. It is a really good thing I thought of having Aunt Carol help the boys. I made the cakes and the frosting and gave them over to Carol. She colored the frosting and helped the boys decorate their cakes with all her cake decorating supplies. Thank goodness for Aunt Carol! Thanks also to Grandma Wagstaff. We invaded her house last night and made the mess there. She was a good sport.

Jackson loves the Cowboys and Hayden loves the Giants. Another thing that Hayden loves is food! I had been wondering how Hayden's lunch money was running out so fast. I didn't think much of it, and I wrote another check. Last week Hayden had a friend over and I heard him say, "don't you just love the school breakfasts? The frosted flakes are so good!" I personally didn't even know that they had breakfast at school. Apparently he was eating breakfast at home and then eating breakfast at school. He was eating cereal and pop tarts for $1.75. I told him no more, and then I found out he was still eating there. He said he forgot. Yeah right! I saw the lunch lady last week at school and told her about it. She said she didn't know he was eating breakfast at home. I was so embarassed. She must have thought I was mother of the year! You would think Hayden would be heavy as much as he loves food, but he is constantly moving and has Eric's metabolism.

The boys are doing a science fair project with their cousin Jacob. They mixed cornstarch with water and made a "non-newtonian" fluid. You can run on it and not sink, but when you stop running you sink. All the kids had the greatest time. It was a good thing we did it on the back porch, because it was a huge mess.

A couple weeks ago, I took Olivia and Carter to free time at a gymnastics place. They absolutely loved it. Carter got to be the monkey that he always is but without breaking everything in our house. He has been making me a little crazy lately, because he is waking up really early-- like 6:30 or 6:45. None of the rest of my kids ever were like that. I need to have my morning time, and it is hard to get things done when he is awake. Sunday we don't have church until 1pm so I really wanted to sleep in. Eric was out of town and Carter came into my room at 6:30 wanting to watch Diego. I went into the family room and turned it on for him and went back to bed. That was a bad idea. He came in when it was over and wanted me to turn another show on. I went out there and saw the barstool in front of the toaster. There was 2 eggos in there, and they were already toasted. I can't believe that my 2 year old can get eggos out of the freezer and put them in the toaster. My older kids probably would have left the freezer open, but Carter is a little ocd and has to shut everything. That is a little freaky to think that he did all of this while I was in bed. Now I can't even leave him alone to watch diego or dora. What will he do?

The Sunday before Valentine's day, my sister Paula's family came over to make sugar cookies. Paula and I have had a Valentine's tradition of making cookies for years. It was awesome to have Myron there, because he was so fast and didn't mind 3 kids on the counter, rolling, touching and licking the dough.

Myron even let Carter stay up on the counter and roll the dough eith him.

Jackson can't take a picture without making some sort of crazy face.

Olivia and Natalie decided to dress up for the occasion. Olivia is so crazy! Today we were at a restaurant and she went to the bathroom. I heard her screaming for me, and I ran in there. She needed my help wiping, which is so gross!! We were walking to wash our hands and she said, "well that's something you don't see everyday." I asked her what she was talking about, and she said, "green poop. You don't see green poop everyday!"

Monday, February 2, 2009


We just got back yesterday from an awesome family vacation to Kona, Hawaii. We took the kids out of school for a week-- and it was so worth it. I do much better getting through the winter if I go somewhere warm in January or February. We had a layover in LA before we got on the long plane ride to Kona. We rode in a shuttle bus between terminals, and apparently Carter thought it was the funnest thing. He kept on screaming, "Wheeeee! Wheeeeee!" The kids were all amazingly good on all the plane rides, and it turned out to not be so bad.

We got to Kona late Saturday night and slept in Sunday morning. We didn't know where a church was or what time, so we were really lazy. We found the church later, and it was only about 3 minutes from our house-- right next to the temple.

We ate brunch at U Top It, and Hayden was so excited about his meal. He said it was the best food he had ever had. It was just a banana crepe with sausage and eggs, but he loved it!!!

Jackson took a picture of us.

The kids had heard about Hawaiian shaved ice from their friends, so we had to go try it. Jackson's coconut with icecream was amazing.

Olivia and Hayden were more into the rainbow.
Our friends, Amy and Bill, came and met us Sunday night. They have 3 kids that are close in age to ours, so we had such a great time!
Apparently I didn't take any good pictures Monday. We went to the beach in the morning, and then after lunch Amy and I took the 2 little ones home for a nap. Eric and Bill took the rest of the kids to another beach for boogie boarding. They came home and told us that it was the greatest beach ever--like 100 times better than the one we went to that morning. Thanks for rubbing it in that we we bored at home! We tease them that the beach doesn't actually exist, because every time we tried to get them to take us back there we failed. I guess there is only 27 parking spaces and they won't let you through the gate if it is full.
Tuesday was such a beautiful day!!! We had surf lessons in the morning.

We went to the shop first for our pre lesson out of the water.

Jackson and Hayden did such a good job. They were naturals! They were tons better than me.

Livy, Kat and Carter watched us from the shore.

It looks like I was about to go down in this picture. Was I plugging my nose? Brenda-- you would definitely be plugging your nose before you fell!
After lunch it was off to another beach. Apparently this one was the best for boogie boarding. It was great for Eric and Bill, but it made me a little nervous for the boys. The waves were pretty intense.

Liv made this sand castle and then told me I needed to take a picture of her with a sandcastle for her baptism video. Eric has made videos for the boys to show at their baptism, and apparently Olivia is already figuring out the pictures she wants in hers.
We took the long trek to see the volcano. It was fun, but I think I'd rather be in the water. It is a lot colder there, too. We had to wear sweatshirts. It seemed cold at the time-- then I got home yesterday and remembered what is really cold.

Seriously, what am I wearing that day. The water shoes and red sweatshirt with the bright skirt looks pretty terrible together.

We stopped at a black sand beach on the way home. It was wild. There was even a turtle on the shore.

I've got to say that I love the feel of sand between my toes. I hate shoes. The only kind I really like are flipflops. I'm not meant to live in cold weather!

Eric chopped off 2 legs of this crab by accident when he was digging with the kids. It was kind of disturbing.

This was also a really great day. We kayaked in the morning over to the captain cook monument. There was amazing snorkeling there.

Carter had a great nap in the kayak on the way back. Hayden was in my kayak, and he was an awesome little rower. Jackson was with May. They did really well, but they claimed their boat was cursed.
This was an all day beach day. I guess applying sunscreen in the wind and not reapplying is a bad idea, when you haven't seen much sun in the last 4 or 5 months.

Carter was constantly covered in sand from head to toe. Everything he ate was covered in sand, too.

Our little water boy had the time of his life!
This was a very sad day, because we knew we had to leave that night. We went to lunch and then toured around a bit. We were all a little too burned to have another beach day.
I love her!

We went to some Hawaiian place of refuge. Olivia was not impressed. She was walking around pouting and saying, "This is not fun! You said we were going to do something fun!"

Baden and Carter were so cute walking together in their Byu shirts. I had to take a picture.
Our flight left at 10:30 that night. You would have thought the kids puppy got ran over if you saw them at the airport. They were so sad to leave Hawaii. If it weren't for the kid's school-- we'd stay another week.