Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Season!!!!!

Our life from Oct 10th to Nov 5th is totally crazy!!!! All 4 birthdays..... This post will take you thru our different celebrations. First is Carter's 3rd birthday on Oct 1oth. My family and the Pypers came over for dinner and Diego birthday cake.

This was Oct 23rd, and it is actually Hayden's 9th birthday party. I guess Carter really wanted it to be his birthday again. Hayden had a few friends over for a sleepover at our house.

2 days later, on October 25th--Hayden's actual b-day--we went to dinner at my mom's house. We celebrated Hayden and Olivia's b-days. Half the cake was NY Giants and the other half was Hannah Montana.

On Olivia's actual birthday--October 28th--Aunt Carol threw her an adorable Olivia the Pig tea party. She loves Olivia the Pig sooooooo much!

Olivia even dressed as Olivia the pig.

Aunt Paula made her the cutest Olivia bag!

Then came Jackson's b-day sleepover. He knows how to work the system. I told him he could have 4 friends spend the night. One of his friends couldn't spend the night, and could only stay for a few hours. He convinced me to invite one more friend. Then after school on the day of the party, 2 of his good friends from our neighborhood showed up to play. They were still there as guests started to arrive, so I felt bad and invited them too. His 4 friends turned into 7.

Then the next night we went to the Shock practice center and had a big football and soccer party for both Jackson and Hayden. It was such a fun night! After that party I was so glad birthday season was finally over!

Halloween Celebrations

I loaded all these pictures a month ago, and then I forgot to ever write anything and get them posted. It has been a while, but we had great Halloween festivities! The week before Halloween we went to a super fun party at our friends the Solteros. Everyone had to dress in their favorite decade 60s, 70s or 80s. We ofcourse chose the 80s. We look pretty hot, huh????

Melanie, Jessica, me and Bunny

I'm thinking maybe Eric should grow out his hair so he can have a mullet. What do you think?

Matthew's 80s coach outfit was great. The polyester bike shorts were the best.

The Solteros, The Ruizs, The Enloes and the Deutschs

Every year we go to my friend Emily's granparents for pumpkin carving. It has become quite a fun tradition. My kids love it! It fell on Olivia's birthday this year. She wanted to go to pumpkin carving instead of going to a movie.

Olivia's dance class did a Halloween dance for us, and it was really cute.

Hayden was a grave reaper, but he didn't have his mask on. I helped with his class party. Jackson and Hayden fight over which party I will go to, since they are at the same time. I have to take turns.

Olivia was a very exuberant snow white!

We went to a get together at the Merrill's house and then the Pypers came over to go trick or treating with us. Hayden went with the Merrills and Jackson was with his friend Travis, so we just had Carter, Olivia and Tucker.

Our neighborhood is the greatest for trick-or-treating. It is so much fun! All the neighbors get really into it. One guy sat on his porch dressed as the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Carter went up to him very serious and asked, "Are you a bad guy?" When we got back I stayed home to hand out candy. I seriously underestimated the amount of trick-or-treaters we would have. I started handing out Carter and Olivia's candy. I turned out the porch light at 9 and people still kept coming. I had to stop answering after a while.

Fall Fun

Every fall we go to Green Bluff. It was a really cold weekend, so we had to bundle. Deanne, Paula and the Ruizs went with us.

Jackson and Carter

So sad!!!! Carter is growing up way too fast. We took this picture right before we took the crib down. He hasn't slept in it for months. He always ends up jumping in bed with one of his siblings. We decided it was time to move Hayden's bunk beds in Carter's room. Then Hayden got a new queen sized bed in his room.
Even though Carter has his own bed, he still talks the other kids into sleeping with him. I took this picture of Hayden and Carter snuggling in the bunkbed, because I thought it was sooooo cute!
Olivia absolutely loved soccer season! She was so into it. Last year it was painful to watch her, because she always was doing summersaults or holding hands with her friends. This year, she was very competitive. She got the fire in her eyes, and she was really good!