Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3rd Grade Field Trip

Earlier this month I went on Jackson's field trip. I forgot my camera, so these are some pictures my friend (who is a responsible mother) took. They went to River Front Park, an Imax movie and toured the Avista Power Plant. Jackson's 2 best friends, Travis and Nate are in his class. This picture is taken in front of the falls of the Spokane river.
Jackson is just so shy. We have such a hard time getting him to come out of his shell.

This is a team photo of Jackson's soccer team.
Seriously bad hair day! I got Carter up from his nap, and this is what his hair looked like. Although it is really cute sometimes (not here), I guess it is time for another hair cut. I just love the little boy curls.
The back was a serious mess also!

I hope this isn't considered kiddy porn. Olivia got herself dressed the other day. She came downstairs with her ballet leotard on backwards. She has nice bed head also. I couldn't stop laughing. She will never stop talking. At church on Sunday I was trying to get her to be quiet. I told her that she needed to be reverent and think about Jesus. She is so crazy. She responded that boys think about Jesus and girls are supposed to think about Mary, so she was going to think about Mary. I don't know where she came up with that doctrine. Other times when she is getting in trouble, and I ask her to stop doing something, she tells me she can't because she is out of control. "I can't do anything about it!" she tells me. Nice excuse.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Go Spokane Shock!!!

From April to August our Saturday nights are mostly consumed with Spokane Shock games. This is their 3rd season. The first season they won the AF2 cup in Puerto Rico, last year they lost in the playoffs and this year they are so far 7-0. Our friend Brady Nelson started the team and is the main owner. When Brady told Eric his idea, Eric had to get in on it. He decided to invest and owns like 19% of the team. People thought Eric was a little crazy to put money into an Arena football team, but it has been awesome. Spokane has gone crazy for it. They sell out all the games, and the fans are die-hards. The games are so fast paced and exciting. We get to sit in the owner's box at home games, so the kids run around and we don't worry about them. We even end up going to 3 or 4 away games throughout the season.
We usually go down on the field after the game. My sister-in-law MaryBeth and nephew Jon are pictured with us here.
Jackson and Hayden love to take friends down and throw a football around on the field. I think that is their favorite part.

Olivia cares a little bit more about the dance team than the actual football players.

Random Enloe Life

Olivia is so crazy. She keeps me laughing all the time. She is definitely harder than the boys were, but she is so much fun. Yesterday after church her teacher stopped me in the hall. She said that earlier she had been telling the class about the primary activity/service project at the temple next Saturday. She said that Olivia was writing in her notebook like it was a planner and without looking up told her, "I'm busy." She is quite the little diva. She spells her name OliviAH. Whenever I write her name with a lower-case a on the end she reminds me that she only likes big A's and she really likes H's. A few months ago she told me that she took Hayden's H from his name, so he is just Ayden. Later she said that they both could have H's in their name. Today she climbed up on the refrigerator and was hanging from the door handles. I said, "get down right now!" She replied, "Mom, you have to say Please get down, nicely, or I will not get down."
Last week, Ben, Taraka and Tucker came over for dinner when we had the missionaries over. Olivia got Taraka to read about 20 books to her. Taraka is much nicer than me. I always say she has to pick just 1 or 2. Olivia loved the nonstop attention.
Evidently Carter thinks it is okay to hang out on the kitchen table. He is such a climber. I can't keep him off of anything.
Today when I went to my mom's house, Carter wanted to stay with grandma. He kept on running away when I tried to put him in the car. Once I would get him, he would reach for my mom and cry for grandma. He didn't want anything to do with me. He stays with grandma a lot during the day when I volunteer at the school or have other things going. Today we were just making a short visit, and he was not happy with me that he did not get to stay. Grandma told him he could have a piece of chocolate once he got in the car. I'm thinking next time we will just let him scream. You wouldn't think that one piece of chocolate could do so much damage on the 5 minute car ride home.

Hayden finally lost one of his front teeth. It has been dangling there forever.
Last Thursday was my first big enrichment night since I have been in charge. We had a conversation cafe. It is like speed dating, but instead you get to know a ton of different people. We had a four course meal. Everything went really smoothly, and it was a lot of fun. I thought the ugly brown gym had a pretty good makeover.

This day I was trying to take a picture of Carter. He obviously thought it would be funny to make me work for it. He kept on posing and then right when it was time to take the picture he would run away and laugh. I finally pinned him down on the floor.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Tea

Today Olivia made her big debut at her preschool Mother's Tea. She was in the Ants Marching song. She got to sing "the ants go marching 8X8 hoorah, hoorah....the little one stops to shut the gate....." She was adorable. Ofcourse we somehow got there without her glasses. She is using her backup pair, and they even need to be fixed. We've got to get in to fix them after Carter has got a hold of them.

Carter was pretty sure he was star of the show, even though he was just watching.
At the end, each kid stood in front of their parents to sing. Carter ran out and grabbed Olivia's head band. He wore it for a while and then we managed to distract him long enough to get it away before he broke it.
Olivia's favorite boyfriend Sam goes to her preschool. She tells us they are going to get married when she is 6.
We posed for a mother-daughter photo. My hair isn't really short and curly on the left side. You can just see my sister's bangs behind me.
Luckily most of the show Carter was asleep on my shoulder. Otherwise he would have joined everyone's performance.
Olivia brought me my mother's day gift. It was a yellow sock with rice in it. She told me you put it on your shoulder or your neck or your head if you have an "asscident" and they hurt. I had to laugh at the way she says accident.
Aunt Carol came to see Olivia, too. My mom works at the family history center on Thurs. afternoon, so Carol stood in.

Olivia doesn't like it if Carter wants to share the ottoman to watch tv. He can barely stay on. This kind of reminds me of Eric and my bed. He sleeps in the middle and I'm on the edge.
They are prettty cute together. Olivia pretends to be happy to have him when she sees the camera.
Hayden is pretty good at striking a pose while he does his homework.
For anyone who read my last entry..... here goes Carter again. I turned on the shower to let it warm up, and I ran into my closet to get out my clothes. I came back and Carter had already got in the shower. He even brought Olivia's rain boots. Now that was smart thinking. Carter definitely loves the water!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Are You Serious?

I decided to get on the computer and look for plane tickets this morning. I was excited, because I got out an Elmo dvd and Carter seemed to be enjoying it and watching it. I got into my plane ticket searching, and Carter still seemed to be entertained. Then I looked over and my bedroom door was closed. That is always a bad sign. Carter must be learning from Olivia. Anytime she is going to do something she knows would not make me happy, she closes the door to the room I'm in or the room she is in. I quickly hurried to my bedroom and heard the water on. Carter was playing happily in my bathtub---with the water on. He was drinking the water from the spout, splashing and laughing. Unfortunately he was fully clothed, shoes and all. Last fall, when we were living with my parents, I found him fully clothed sitting in the toilet. He was facing the back of the toilet, flushing it over and over. He was so happy and laughing. He is such a monkey. It was just after his 1st birthday, and he could already climb well enough to get himself into the toilet. I wish I would have taken a picture that day. I was too panicked and grabbed him right out. Today I figured the damage was already done. I might as well take a few pictures.