Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Terrible 2 and Greenbluff

I know that I have some people that look down on me for my serious blog slacking, so I decided to try to get a little updated today. I know there is no good excuse, but my life has been seriously chaotic this past few months. I'm having a girl's breakfast at my house in the morning, and I really should have cleaned my filthy house. Instead I decided to finally blog. There is always something I feel like I should be doing more than blogging, so it gets pushed to the side. Hopefully soon I will get time to read everyone's blogs. Just get me through these next few weeks of Enrichment night, Super Saturday, 3 more kids birthdays, soccer games and Halloween! Hopefully my life will slow down a bit during November before Thanksgiving and Hayden's baptism. Probably not, but I can dream.

October 10th, Carter turned 2!!!!! I can't believe my baby is 2 already. It is so sad that he is growing up. It is not sad enough to go for a 5th kid, but it is very sad. Eric was on a scout campout on his birthday, so we celebrated on Sunday at my mom's house with the whole family. He was so excited for his "tate." He can't say the K sound. He replaces his ks with ts. I love the little monkey to death, but he is seriously going to put me over the edge. He is going to destroy the entire house. He swings on everything. The boys bathroom towel bar and the powder bath toilet paper holder are currently ripped out of the wall. As soon as I fix them I'm sure he will do it again. I'm pretty sure the pendant lights over the island will get ripped out of the ceiling soon. Anytime I do anything (unless he is asleep) he pushes a chair over next to me, so he can climb up. He is constantly getting in trouble. Let me tell you, the discipline is not what it used to be. I'm a little tired now, and he gets away with way more than the older boys ever did. Olivia is a whole other story.

The kids had school off on Carter's actual birthday. We went up to Greenbluff, which is one of my very favorite fall tradition. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out before I took any good pictures in the pumpkin patch or the corn maze. I also wish that a picture could let you taste the amazing hot pumpkin donuts. They are the best things in the world!

Betty's Wedding

My pretty much sister Betty got married last Friday!!! It was so exciting and yet so sad, too. We are going to miss her way too much now that she moved to Las Vegas. Thursday morning I was on the way to take Olivia to school and Betty called. She told me that all the girls were headed to get mani/pedis. Olivia was a little hesitant to skip preschool, but I talked her into it and we went to hang out with the girls. Today Olivia's friend Katie asked her if she was sick last Thursday since she missed school. Olivia replied, "I skipped school by asscident, because I forgot that I don't like to miss school." She may not like to miss school, but she had a great day. She even went down to RiverFront Park for the day with Aunt Paula and everyone. I went home, because Jackson and Hayden were home sick from school.

Olivia had no trouble posing for the camera as the cutest flower girl ever! She had it down, since she had just done it a few weeks before for Hillary.
Here is all the Wagstaff neices (except Hadley-- she didn't come from Arkansas)

Betty's reception was so fun! She and Jeff only had a line for about 45 minutes, and then the fun really began. We danced until we were sweaty for an hour and a half. All the Abba songs were the best. We sang our hearts out, and I got a little sad when I realized that we wouldn't be able to do that anymore once she moved. We have so many wonderful memories together! Carter saw Jackson doing the worm and wanted to try.

Carter got annoyed with me that I sat down and didn't dance the entire time. He moved on to our friend Sheila and clung to her the whole night, because she never sat down. Anytime she wasn't dancing enough, he had to get down and dance by himself for a while.

A very tired girl during the Daddy Daughter dance. It was so sad when she went to give Betty a good bye hug. Betty started crying, which made me cry. Betty is close with all my kids, but she has always had a special thing with Olivia. She calls her Lovey and Best Girl Ever. Betty has pretty much raised her. We have to work out the custody agreement for summer visits and stuff. Olivia was inconsolable in the car all the way home and until she cried herself to sleep. She was crying, "I don't know what I can do without my Betty!" and "but I will miss her so much!" It was so sad.
My nephew Jacob and Jackson were leading all the kids in their extraordinary dance moves.

I'd have to say, I'm pretty impressed with my hair doing skills for Olivia. I did her hair before the wedding at 1 and this picture was taken around 8. It still looks good. I used a whole lot of hairspray.

Go Hayden!

Skate Park Etc.

On September 30th, my friend Bunny and I took the kids to the skate park. Jackson was definitely too cool for knee pads or anything, but Hayden (eventually) and Christopher were smarter. Jackson is pretty sure he is the next Tony Hawk. Ofcourse he also is going to play professional football and soccer.

Olivia and Carter were great fans on the sidelines.

I had to take Olivia's picture before school one day. I just thought she was so darn cute! I bought that outfit with my sister in laws when we were in Arizona for Eric's grandma's funeral.
Carter went to Arizona with us. He ofcourse wanted to carry his own backpack and wear daddy's hat at the airport.

Hillary's Wedding

On September 19th, Eric's sister Hillary got married in the Bountiful temple. It was awesome, and everyone was so excited for her and so glad that Jeff finally decided to end his bachelor days. We left Wednesday after school and drove through the night and got to Corey's house early Thursday morning. It is so much better to drive when the kids are asleep. The only problem is that lack of sleep makes us all grumpy! Thursday night we went to dinner with Jeff''s dad and then Friday was the big day. My friend Jill came up to the temple to watch the kids outside. I was so thankful for her. Then we took the kids down to Sandy to my friend Natalie's house while we went to the fancy wedding luncheon at the Hotel Monaco. Since Corey is the controller there, they were able to get into Hillary and Jeff's room before they did. Brenda and I had gone the night before and got a basketful of goodies for them. Corey and Brenda picked up a costco size pack of trojans and rose petals and sprinkled them over the hotel room. Hillary told us the next day that they had forgotten to move the rose petals off the bed and they got ground into the comforter. Way to go Hill! That story was definitely too much information. Sorry!
Friday night we drove to Vernal for the Saturday reception. Everything was beautiful. There was a little rain, but the carport and tent solved that problem. I think it made it even more intimate.

Hillary with her neices and nephews.

Eric's grandma Lois, sister Lindsey and Olivia
Aria and Leif

The Enloe clan at the reception
All the little nephews

Olivia and Jorie are the only neices. It is a good thing, because I don't think Eric's mom could have handled making any more dresses. Although the dresses turned out beautiful, while she was making them they became known as the "damn dresses!"
I thought I would put a picture of the 2 most beautiful girls at the wedding. Eric's cousin Chelsea did Olivia's hair. It looked so pretty. She was a little princess!