Monday, January 19, 2009

What's been goin' on.....

Notice that Jackson finally decided that short hair was better!

Jackson is in the middle with the red shorts. Not great pictures! I haven't taken any pictures in a couple weeks, so this is it.

He is the one below with his arm out.
Jackson just finished off his basketball season. He loved it, because he wasn't on a very good team so he was a star and played the whole time. Two games ago, though, he played for a few minutes and then had to come out. He could hardly breathe and couldn't stop coughing. He had a cough off and on for a few months, so I got a little worried. I took him to the doctor. He said he didn't think he had full blown asthma, but maybe something that was excercised induced. He had an x-ray that came back clean. He now has an inhaler that he uses before excercise and as needed. He thinks it is really cool. It seems to be helping.

The last couple weeks have not been terribly exciting. Today I had a little excitement, though. I was coming back from picking up Jackson, Hayden and their 2 friends from a birthday party. (Their party was at Cabela's, and then they had a ride in a huge stretch limo. They couldn't stop talking about it. Hayden said it was the best day of his life, and Jackson wanted a limo for his birthday.) Anyway, they were all still talking about how great the party was when we went around a curve in the road. All of a sudden a deer came towards us, and I slammed on my brakes. I know you aren't supposed to do that, but in the moment that is always your first instinct. The deer tried to leap over the hood of our car, but he didn't make it. One leg landed on the hood and one landed on my windshield wiper. Then he jumped off to the other side. My heart was pounding, and the boys were all like, "that was so cool!" I had to tell them it was definitely not cool. It really freaked me out thinking about what could have happened-- especially with 2 kids that are not mine in the car. I felt pretty lucky to only have a little dent in the hood and a bent winshield wiper.
Carter is getting cuter, sweeter and crazier everyday. Anything he says is so cute to me, just because of the way he says it. Now that he climbs in and out of his crib in 2 seconds I have to be very careful to check on him when I hear him awake. He now thinks it is really fun to put everything from his shelves and closet in his crib. He is obsessed with his sister "ia" and "ego" (diego.) He is quite bossy with his "ia" and loves to tell her, "no, no, no" and "shhhh!" and "be quiet!" Olivia thinks it is really funny when Carter tells her to be quiet, so she just gets louder and more obnoxious.

Olivia continues to keep me laughing and also frustrates me beyond belief. She doesn't listen-- pretty much ever. She can't physically stop her mouth from making noise. Even if we are in church or praying there has to be noise coming out of her mouth. I can't get her to stop. We keep on threatening that she will stay with Grandma while the rest of us go to Hawaii if she can't be obedient. Having said all of this......she is the cutest, sweetest, funniest, craziest little girl. I am so thankful to have her. I guess you just can't have someone that great without a few flaws. Some of the things she has said lately that really made me laugh were....

"Are you going to be disappointed with me forever or for a week? Just say a week, mom!" I hadn't even told her I was disappointed in her. I just told her she had made a bad choice.

When Olivia told me she was thirsty and needed a drink of water, I told her she could get one when we got to Grandma's house. She totally ignored me and said, "I can get a drink, because I'll be fast since it is fast Sunday!"

"I'm freakin' cold!" I agreed with her and laughed, but I felt a little bad that she had learned that from me.

While in a parking garage we were going around behind a slow car. I was fine, but Olivia says, "come on people, hurry up!" I wonder where she learned that from?????

We were on the way to Target to get a gift for her friend's birthday. She told me, "mom, can we please go to Toys R Us instead?" I asked her why and she told me it was because Target had too many mommy things.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Few More Christmas Eve Pics

I found some more pictures of Christmas Eve when I looked at my sister in law's blog. Above is our beautiful Olivia as Mary for the Christmas story.

Jackson as Joseph-- He put sourcream on for his beard-- Gross!

Paker got this lovely pimp hat in our dollar gift game. Hillary, me and Aria look really good with him huh?


I'm so darn sick of snow, and it is only January 3rd! I'm not really sure why we just keep on getting dumped on. It will warm up and melt a bit and then we just get another foot that night. The stuff my kids left out in the yard the night before the first snow will not be found until spring. What is with this weather? We are supposed to get another storm tomorrow night. Please say the kid's school doesn't get cancelled on Monday!
We went to Utah for Christmas, and my kids would not go to bed very well there. Sunday after church I found Olivia and Carter passed out in the living room of Parker and Aria's house. I guess going to bed at midnight every night was catching up with them.

I started to really freak out when we were in Utah. We had been bragging that Carter was the best sleeper ever and how he loved to go to bed at night and take naps. At Parker and Aria's he decided to climb right out of the crib, open the door and come back downstairs. We could not keep him in bed. When we got home he did that again at first, but now thankfully he is back to normal. Yeah!!!!
Saturday night we got home from a movie and found Camden asleep sitting up.

My kids adore Eric's grandma. We call her GG Lois.

Olivia is obsessed with her cousin Leif. She claims he is cuter than her own brother Carter.

Lindsey, Aria, me and Hillary sledding on Christmas day at Aria's neighbor's house.

Jackson and Hayden

Jeff dared Eric to do a snow angel with shorts and a t-shirt, but he chickened out and only did it with snow clothes on.

Hayden was so excited to get his Eli Manning jersey from Santa!

Jackson is a Tony Romo man.

Santa came to visit on Christmas eve. A bunch of Eric's cousins on his dad's side of the family came over for the festivities.

Eric's mom had to make a trip to the emergency room right about the time we were going to start eating on Christmas Eve. She used a knife to open the wrapper on the salad dressing bottle.

Ofcourse Toby needed a Christmas outfit, too.

Olivia was probably the cutest little girl ever on the Sunday before Christmas. Two days later we headed to Utah. She was not very patient on the ride there. We told her we would go through Idaho then Montana then Idaho again and then Utah. She kept on saying are we in Hannah Montana yet? On the way home we hit really bad weather and had to stop and stay at a Hotel in Missoulla. It had a water park and we ended up having a really good time. Olivia kept on talking about when we were going to go back to the "show and tell." I guess she meant hotel.

Hayden with his friend Tanner building a snow fort before we left for Utah.