Friday, March 9, 2012

Our visit to see Baby Walker

Hillary had her baby on Leap Day last week! His name is Walker, and he is the most beautiful sweet little guy! Carter came with me to hang out with Hilly and Walker. Nichole and Kate came, too.

Here are some more pics of the gorgeous little guy....

We have even had a little time for fun with everyone--you know....trip to Target, 2 trips to Los Tacos, 2 trips to Lululemon, Excalibur fun zone, Shark Reef etc.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flat Natalie

So my niece Natalie had a school project that we got to have a little fun with.  Her first grade class sent us an envelope with a carefully folded in half "flat natalie."  They must have read the "Flat Stanley" book in their class.  I told Eric that we got a flat Natalie in the mail.  He responded, "That is terrible!  Why would they call it Fat Natalie?"  I had to annunciate a little better and tell him it is flat Natalie.  We were supposed to take her on adventures and take pictures and send back souvenirs from our adventures.
 Flat Natalie got to watch Olivia's futsal game.

 Flat Natalie got to visit BYU and go to a men's volleyball game.  She got to keep her ticket stub.
 She also got to go to the Utah State 5A high school boys basketball championship game.  Our high school Lone Peak won!  She got a little sick on the red vines and popcorn.
 We then took Natalie to our little town's city hall and the park where her mom used to play when she visited her Grandma years and years ago.