Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Need To Blog More Often!

This past Tuesday the boys had their pinewood derby. Jackson wanted his car to be BYU, Hayden wanted Texas Longhorns--- and Olivia wanted Olivia ofcourse. Eric was nice enough to make a car for Olivia too. She was soooo excited and proud.

Carter ran around the church that night causing trouble and cheering for the boys.

Jackson was completely covered in graphite by the end of the night. He applied it to his wheels between each race.

Here is a picture of one of Hayden's races. He always got first place, except on the races that he was against Jackson.

This is one of Jackson's races.

Jackson in the pit between races.

By the end everyone was congratulating Jackson, since he had won every race that he was in. When they announced the winners, and Jackson and Hayden weren't in the top 4, everyone was confused. The boys that they said won were really excited, but their parents were saying things like, "are you sure Eli won? He never got above 3rd place in any of his races." The guy that was running it told them that the computer calculated everything and it wasn't by the number of races won, but by their average time overall. The boys were dissapointed, and so I was the crazy competitive mom. I went up to the guy and asked to see the score sheet. He had to turn the computer back on to show me. He said, "see, those are the top 4." I felt bad, but not that bad. I said, "But Trevor's average time is 3.2 and Jackson's average time is 2.82." A guy from the bishopric came up and told him that he had the kids sorted by car number, not by their times. They had read off the winners as the boys with car numbers 1-4. He then realized Jackson had 1st and Hayden had 2nd out of 17 boys. They had already given the other boys the prizes, and we for sure were not going to go to districts. The boys were just happy to know that they had won. I had to tell Jackson not to go telling the other boys that they hadn't really won. The bishopric member came up to me and asked if I felt a little weird contesting the pinewood derby results, but hey-- the Enloes are a competetive family!

Speaking of competetive....... Jackson is part of the math nerds. Good thing he is a really good athlete! He was one of 16, 4th graders from his school that tested high enough to compete in the Math is Cool competition. Since January they have been meeting after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice. On Thursday night they went to the Regional competition, and they got 2nd place. Last year's team actually got 1st place, but they were very happy with 2nd. I sat in on part of the team competition with the buzzers. I didn't even know the answers to some of these. There were some seriously smart kids there.
This week Hayden had his 2nd grade musical, "How Does Your Garden Grow?" He was a weed and so cute. He thought he was so cool!

He got to do a rap--
Yo we're the weeds, and we're takin over
No more daisies, no more clover
We grow fast and everywhere
Precious pansies-- BEWARE!

Being Enrichment leader has actually been pretty fun. We had the best birthday dinner ever! We had a "Purse"-onal birthday dinner. The purse theme was really cute and made things really fun. Everyone had to weigh their purses on the way in. The lady with the heaviest purse got a prize. We also voted on the craziest item that someone had in their purse. Our bishop's wife won that one. She had a pair of underwear in her purse. We also had a game that we read off like 40 items, and everyone had to keep track of how many they had in their purse. The person with the most also got a prize.

Everyone had a cute purse sugar cookie at their place when they sat down.

I borrowed 3 cupcake shaped cake pans and made a billion cakes. I was so sick of making cakes! Luckily Kristi Lewis thought of asking a grocery store if they would decorate them for us. They only charged $1 per cake, and they looked so cute. She also made the cute paper purses we had on the tables.

Another ward in our building had a purse theme the night before and had an extra cake. It was even the right color. We put it on our buffet table. Soooo cute!

Hayden just finished his basketball season. He absolutely loved it. His coach is the nicest guy, but so intense. He just loves basketball-- so they started practicing a few months early and 3 times a week. Needless to say, Hayden's team was awesome!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandma's Pajamas

For Christmas this year, Grandma Enloe made all the grandkids pajamas. We thought we weren't going to Utah, so she sent the package with the pajamas to our house. We had that huge snow storm, and UPS couldn't deliver our package. We ended up going to Utah, and the kids didn't even get to wear their pajamas on Christmas Eve. Grandma Enloe never got to see the kids in their cute pajamas. They all love them, and wear them a lot, but I don't think they ever wore them on the same night. I finally got around to taking some pajama pics for Grandma.