Sunday, October 4, 2009

Carter's 3 Year Pictures

Being the 4th child, poor little Carter hasn't been taken for pictures by himself many times in his life. He was uncharachteristically cooperative for these pictures. He was so darn cute and sweet that it was pretty hard to decide which pictures to get. I can't believe my baby is turning 3 this week! He is growing up way too fast!

Our Garden Pumpkins

This year Eric has worked really hard putting in an awesome garden for our family! Between conference sessions today, the kids went out and picked some pumpkins from our garden. The Pypers were over, so Tucker helped too.

Mini Cheer Camp

This week Olivia went to a mini cheer camp put on by the high school football cheerleaders. It was 2 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Friday they performed during half time at the football game. I don't know if cheerleading will be in her future--unless she gains a little more coordination--but she absolutely loved it! Carter didn't want to miss out on the dancing and posing for the camera, either.

1st Day of School

After driving 18 hours home from Lake Powell on Labor Day, the kids were up bright and early to make it to the 1st day of school. The boys headed on the bus, and I drove Olivia--since it was her very first day of Kindergarten. We had to stop in Provo on the way back home to pick up some new BYU shirts for the boys. They were so excited after their big win over Oklahoma. It's too bad they didn't keep up that winning streak!

Carter was feeling a little left out that he didn't get 1st day of school pictures.

Olivia's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. McNeice is so great for her. We love her!!!

Lake Powell

We had one of the greatest vacations ever with Eric's family last month. We went to Lake Powell and stayed on a house boat for our last hoorah of the summer. It was so relaxing. It was great to have absolutley nothing to do and just hang out. The kids love being with their cousins, and we all have the best time together.

I love my sister-in-laws!

Olivia and Hayden like to show off for the camera. Carter was crazy with the front flips, too. I guess we never had the camera when he was doing them.

Camden turned 6 while we were at Lake Powell, so we had smores out on the beach--after birthday cake ofcourse.
Eric and Lindsey

Jackson is a great big brother!

Hillary's pug Chuck wanted his turn on the surfboard.

I'm realizing I have a ton of pictures of Olivia. I'm pretty sure the diva jumps in front of the camera any chance she gets.

I think this was my favorite part of the trip. We played cards everyday and loved it!

Papa Ron looked after the kids sometimes when we were playing cards.

There is the diva again!

All the kids adore Hillary's dogs Chuck and Toby. The poor dogs had to put up with a lot from the kids.

It is impossible to resist this face. Carter went down the slide off the back of the boat any chance he got. Then he would run up these stairs and go again. He is such a daredevil. He has no fear at all--which is a little scary sometimes.

A very tired girl. I swear the boat puts all my kids right to sleep!