Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The rest of March and April so far

Last month we went to Chris Burton's wedding reception. We got to see the whole Burton family, and it had been close to 10 years. It was so good to see them!

Carter's class had a St Patrick's day party. He's the one taking off his beard of course!

Olivia for her hair cut and hi lighted at Abbey's salon.

I went to the midnight movie of Hunger Games with my sister in law, Brenda. She and her friends and sisters dressed up like people from the capital. They looked awesome! I didn't dress up, because I'm just not that exciting....

A little trip to chipotle--one of my favorite restaurants:)

Then a trip to lululemon at Trolley Square--one of my favorite stores:)

Carter learned to ride a bike without training wheels! A very big day at our house!

Our neighbor gave Olivia a hand me down bike, and she loves it! It looks twice her size, but she does great on it.

We went to Arizona for Easter and a Shock game vs the Rattlers.

One of the kids took this picture of Walker--that explains the blurriness.

Last weekend ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon with one of my besties Tara. She flew down from Spokane. We stayed at the Monaco for two nights and had a little girls weekend. It was so much fun!

Tara's mom--whom I also adore--hung out with us some of the time.