Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July so far.....

Right when we got back from Arkansas, I drove Jackson up to Camp Reed.  He was 2 days late, but he really wanted to go anyway.  It was his last big thing with his 2 best friends--Travis and Nate.  He absolutely loved it.  He was quite the character as usual.  I picked him up on Saturday and got there in time for the awards ceremony.   They award one camper each week "The Spirit of Camp Reed Award" and Jackson got it.  Nate left before I got there, so I don't have a picture of him.  This picture is of Jackson, Travis and 2 of his counselors.  Travis is the one in red.  He is Jackson's age--but as you can tell he got his growth quite a bit earlier than Jackson.  He is over a foot taller than him:)
Olivia did the Shock Dance camp for a few days and then performed at half time during the game on Friday.  Her cousin Natalie and her friend Ella did it with her.
We went out to the lake for 4th of July weekend with my parents, Paula and Myron's family and Carol.  It was not very warm!  I didn't even get in the water.  Andrew just loves any opportunity to wakesurf, so he braved the cold.  Then he decided to go for a triple decker with Jax and Liv.
The Thursday before we left for Utah we had a good bye party at the shock center.  I will put up pictures as soon as I get them.  Our friends, the Merrills, couldn't make it to the party.  Jackson and Hayden really wanted to see Kacen and Kavery, so we visited them the night before we left.  They were crazy as always, so I took a few pictures of the buddies together.

When we got to Utah, we moved into Parker and Aria's basement while we decided on a house.  The day after we got to Alpine we went to the park to play soccer with a kid from Jackson's team.  After, he introduced us to Snoasis.  It has been a family favorite these past few weeks since we have been here!

A few days after we got here, our cousin Nichole brought her 2 kids to visit.  It was so fun to play for a few days with all of them.  My kids love Tyler and Kate, so we had a great time!
We took lunch to the splash park in Highland the first day they were there.
We had to take them to Snoasis on the way home--ofcourse!
The next day we went to Jump On It.  It is a place with wall to wall trampolines.

Saturday night was girl's night!  It was so good to get away.  We met our friends Carrie and Becky at Asian Star for dinner.  Everything was sooooo good! Then we topped that off with dessert at Corner Bakery.
On Monday we took the kids to the movie "Despicable Me." 
That night we met up with Eric's mom and his cousins Russ and Lori at Texas Roadhouse.
Tuesday we went to Seven Peaks with Nichole's family, and then we said goodbye.  They headed to stay with other family here in Utah.
Earlier in their visit, Aria got all her old soap and shampoo she didn't want anymore and made an awesome slippery trampoline for all the kids!
The kids all fight to sit with Aria when she mows the lawn.  Carter was waiting patiently for his turn.  He was beyond excited when he finally got to ride with her!

Monday, July 19, 2010


The last 2 weeks of June we spent in Arkansas with Mark and Heather's family.  We spent one week of it out at Beaver Lake.  Everyone loved it!  The kids love being together with their cousins--they all played so well we hardly knew they were there.  Even though it was hard to arrange everythings to get there with our move, we were so glad we made it work!