Friday, August 22, 2008

A Little August Overview

Ok. So I have never been a really regular blogger, but this summer I have been terrible. I seem to try to catch up on everything all at once instead of doing a bit every few days. Oh well, at least I'm doing it. My posts are pretty boring, though. Most of them consist of shock games, lake and swimming. I guess that is pretty much our summer (or at least what I take pictures of.) The picture above is from last Saturday's shock game. We went down to the side of the field right before the game was over to accept the trophy for the conference championship. That means that we are going to the arena cup this next monday. We have had home field advantage throughout the playoffs, so it has been great to have home games every weekend. Two years ago when we went to the arena cup we got to go to Puerto Rico. This is the first year that the team with the best record gets to have it at their arena. It will be fun to have it here and have a sold out crowd, but it was really fun taking a trip last time. Hopefully my next post will have pictures of us after we win the cup!

These are my friends Danna and Meaghann. Danna's husband is the main owner of the team and Meaghann's is the general manager. It has been way fun to do all the shock stuff with them these past 3 years. Aren't we quite the brown haired beauties in this picture?
Jackson's friend Nate came with us last week.
My brother Brian became an owner last year. He was a crazy fan and thought he might as well be an owner.

These pictures were taken at my friend Emily Christensen's house. Olivia is here with her friends Ella and Emma.
Carter is seriously such a fish. I think next summer he will be swimming without a life jacket. He jumps right in by himself all the time and swims around with his face in the water to see the bottom. None of my other kids liked water so much at his age. He swallows a ton, coughs and goes back for more. He is totally obsessed with shoes right now. He brings shoes to me all the time to help him put on or my shoes when he wants me to put on shoes. When I try to take his shoes off he screams at the top of his lungs, "shoes! shoes! shoes!" and then throws a temper tantrum. He is so strong willed! Gorgeous, I know! As obsessed with shoes as Carter is, Olivia is probably even more obsessed with goggles. These stupid cheap goggles she loves. They are constantly fogged up and filling with water. I finally convinced her to get a new pair last week. She often takes everyone's goggles out of their swim bags and carries them around. She then over and over says, "aren't you so glad that 3 of your kids have goggles?" or "why do 3 of your kids have goggles?" After a while I just say, "no, I don't really care!" She also picks up on everything people say. Last Sunday we were coming home from dinner at my moms and she says, "Oh! My nuts really hurt!" We couldn't help but laugh, and Hayden informed her that she didn't have nuts. She then replied that she ate some nuts, they were in her stomach, and her stomach hurt. I guess she had overheard my nephew complaining after my neice had kicked him in that area. I'm glad she didn't really know what he was referring to. Later Olivia told me, "My head freakin' hurts!" I told her she shouldn't talk that way, but I'm sure she heard it from me.

Ok, gross story. In this picture Carter is showing part of a chewed up hamburger. Even grosser is that he started chewing it at least 30 minutes earlier when we were eating at the marina. He kept on shoving more food in his mouth and wouldn't swallow it. He kept showing us, and I was gagging. Finally-- about 45 minutes after he started chewing-- he swallowed.

Carter fell asleep on the boat, and I brought him upstairs to my bed. He was so out of it that I changed him into his clothes to go home and he stayed asleep. His eyes look a little open in this picture, but he is asleep. I even got him in his carseat and he slept on the way home. I only wish that I could sleep that well.

This is typical smiley, cute Hayden. You might think that is Eric behind him, but Eric only has about 13 chest hairs. That is our friend Jeff.
We often go up the river to some chain lakes to get really smooth water for wakeboarding. The edges of these small lakes can have a lot of seaweed. I guess we were really drifting after Jackson got done wakesurfing. I turned around to see Jackson like this. I was totally grossed out. Boys are so different than girls. I would not even want to touch seaweed, and he was piling everything he could onto the board.

This was my favorite spot to read Breaking Dawn. I finished it that day at the lake. It was the best sitting in a lounge chair relaxing by the water.

Carter, Hayden and Olivia
This picture is a yard update. The concrete guy was putting in the slab for our sport court. Someday we will have a backyard to play in. A few people asked if the circle to the left was for a pool. That would not be a very fun pool. It is for our inground trampoline.

The Enloe Triathalon

Last month we had the annual Enloe triathalon. You might be thinking, "wow, that is pretty cool that they do a triathalon every year. What great athletes!" Unfortunately, our triathalons require no training and not a lot of calories are burned while doing them. This is what they consist of:

1. Wakeboarding/other water sports in the morning

2. Golfing for the boys and massages or pedicures for the girls

3. Shock football game at night

This year we had a large turnout. Eric's brothers Corey and Parker and their families came and also his cousin Ryan and his family. Later Eric's parents and his Aunt Robyn and Uncle Kevin came. Most people came the Wednesday before, so we played for several days. Our triathalon was more spread out and took place over a few days. Most of the time, our triathalons are all on one day. This time it was a little more relaxing. Maybe the boys still wanted a true Enloe triathalon, because the next weekend Eric's brothers came back and did it all on Saturday.
I was smart enough to arrange babysitters a lot while everyone was here. They even stayed out at the lake with us so that we could go out as couples without the 12 kids. We had such a great time together! I was a little nervous about having that many people stay with me at once and organizing what to do with everyone. I shouldn't have been worried, because everything went really smoothly. We hardly heard from the kids, because they were so happy playing with their cousins.
This is me with my sister in law, Brenda and cousin Nichole.
Here is a view from the top of the stairs at the lake cabin. When we weren't out on the boat the kids were so happy to be in the canoe or swimming around the dock or playing on the beach.
Me and Nichole at the Shock game.
Eric sat on the front row with his brothers and cousin Ryan most of the time. The rest of us were up in the owners box. It was a crazy mad house up there, but the kids had a great time playing their own game of football when they weren't watching the game. We left Carter, Jorie and Kate home with the babysitter. That made things a lot more enjoyable. Carter barely ever goes to any games, because he is such a monkey. He climbs up on the rail, and I'm sure he is going to fall over into the crowd in front of us.

Eric's cousin Ryan, his dad and nephew Leif, Parker, Corey, Eric and his uncle Kevin
Eric's mom, Nichole, me, Brenda, Aria and aunt Robyn
The crazy crew of kids had the best time playing down on the field after the game. Rhys, Malik, Tyler, Jackson and Leif, Hayden, Olivia, Camden and Owen
Olivia is here showing us her dance moves. She loves the dancers. She posed with her friend Ella (the main shock owner Brady Nelson's daughter) and a few of the dancers below.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So Sad!

I was just catching up on everyone's blog when I heard a very scared scream. I walked around to see where it was coming from. I went upstairs to see Carter hanging off the top bunk in Hayden's room. He was stuck and couldn't find the ladder with his feet. He was just holding himself up with his arms and one leg. I grabbed him, and he put his head on my shoulder and continued to cry for a bit. He is usually such a monkey, so I wasn't used to him being scared. I was so sad for him.

I might be able to catch up on my blog again, because I finished Breaking Dawn yesterday. I was able to read a lot on Sunday, thanks to Eric. He kept the kids busy after church. He even made "bikini bread" as Olivia calls it. It is really zuchini bread. Monday I paid for it and had to really get my house under control and do laundry. I was at the lake yesterday and was able to finish it during Carter's nap. I really liked it, but I'm kind of sad that it is all over now!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Enloe Randomocity

When we got back from Arkansas, Eric was busy getting our fence posts in. We didn't want to go any further in the landscape process and then have to tear it up to get the fence in. The kids heard Eric out in the yard early in the morning and headed out to help. Olivia was the very first one up. She got her gloves on and helped Eric drive.

I took Olivia and Carter on some kiddy rides at Silverwood yesterday. Jackson and Hayden were with friends on the roller coasters and log rides. Carter thought he was so big. He was not very happy when the lady made him get out and walk around before he could go again. I got a big root beer for the kids to share and a diet pepsi for me. I always tell the kids that they should not drink mine, because it is bad for them. It's bad for me too, but I drink it anyway. Olivia came over to me and said, "mom, I drank some of your diet. It's okay, because I'll just get sick later."

Last weekend, Grandma and Papa Enloe came to town with Eric's Aunt Robyn and Uncle Kevin. We took them downtown to River Front Park. We walked down by the falls. They are not too impressive this time of year, but we still had a good time.

When I got home from Arkansas, Eric informed me that Flash had got stuck in the basement and used the lovesac for a litter box. We now call it the peesack. That was the last straw for Flash. He has done some pretty nice damage to our new house. The kids didn't play with him much, he got hair everywhere, and Jackson didn't keep up on food and the litter box. I was done. We just aren't animal people. Jackson would cry everytime I talked about giving Flash away. Then he told me he wanted an airsoft gun. I told him I would get him one if we could give Flash away. He agreed and told me I just needed to take a picture of him first. On the way home from taking Flash I felt so bad!

We are very excited for our Aunt Betty who is getting married in October. We are happy for her, but very sad for us. We don't know what we are going to do without her here in Spokane. I rely on her for so many things. She is not my sister by blood, but she might as well be part of the Wagstaff family. We passed her house one day and Olivia said, "Aunt Betty can't move to Lost Vegas. She will get lost in Lost Vegas." She asked if Aunt Carol was moving to Las Vegas, too. When I told her no, she said, "pheew!" Aunt Hillary is getting married to a Jeff also and moving to Las Vegas, so she is a little confused. Betty calls Olivia her "best girl." Betty pretty much raised her. I blame a lot of Olivia's princess/diva behavior on Betty. She will give her anything she wants. Betty came over for a week to take care of me when I had Carter. That week she also potty trained Olivia. I don't know what I'm going to do to potty train Carter on my own. Olivia gardens with her, goes to her house to make cookies and have sleepovers, and even watches chick flicks with her. I also cannot have any more kids without Betty around (not that I was going to anyway.) Before Carter and Olivia were old enough to go to Nursery at church, she would take them to Sacrament meeting with her. Her ward was in the same building as ours. For a while she had 9 am church and we had 1pm. We took Carter over to her house on our way to church. The other night Betty drove home with us from the lake. Olivia was in rare form being crazy. I told her to calm down and be quiet. She told us that she couldn't, because someone had a doll of her at their house and they were controlling her. How does she know about voodoo dolls? I don't know where she comes up with the stuff she does.
I just had a great parenting moment. I took Carter upstairs for his nap. While I was changing his diaper he was pulling down the picture off his wall. I slapped his hand a few times and told him, "no, no!" He promptly looked at me and then hit me. I started to laugh as I began to tell him, "We do not hit." I'm such a great example. I came back downstairs and saw the door to outside was wide open. I yelled, "Olivia?" thinking she might have gone outside. She called from my room, "what?" I told her never mind. She came into the kitchen all mad at me. "Why do you always nevermind me? Just tell me the question!" I tried to explain to her that I was just making sure she was still inside. She couldn't get over it and kept on screaming, "Just tell me the question!" What do I do with her?
I will have to finish my blog updating later. I have a babysitter coming so I can run some errands. I dropped my phone yesterday on the garage floor. I have dropped it a million times, but this time it will not turn on again. Hopefully I can get a new one. If you have texted me or left messages that I have not returned, that is why. Everyone's phone numbers are in there, too. So I can't call anyone either. It is amazing how much I rely on my stupid phone. Hopefully I can finish my blogging before tonight. We are going to the midnight release party for the new Twilight book. Once I start reading that, I probably won't be able to take out time to blog.

We Heart Our Cousins!

The day before we left Arkansas, Heather and I took the kids to her parents house to take some cousin pictures. All of the kids (except Carter) were very cooperative. They showed their crazy personalities.

Olivia cannot just sit still in a picture to save her life. She is so wacky. While we were taking the pictures I was so annoyed and grumpy at her. Now a few weeks later, I can look and be happy. I love her cute crazy little personality. I'm so grateful to have a little girl amid my equally crazy and fun boys.

I've been home from Arkansas for 2 1/2 weeks now. I miss my Heather. There were several occasions in Arkansas that I started laughing with her, and I couldn't breath. I seriously couldn't get any air, because I was laughing so hard. She was not the best at parking in the yellow lines. One time on the way home from Target, we noticed a note in her windshield wiper. She got excited, because she thought one of her friends had noticed her car and written a friendly note. I could read part of it through the windshield. It said, "The yellow lines are there for a reason....Please be more curteous!" We had to pull over we were laughing so hard. Another day I raced Heather on obstacle course at Pump it Up. She had a few problems getting to the end, and I think it was one of the greatest moments of my life watching her roll down the final slide. I once again could not breath. It is terrible that we have to live so far from each other!

Olivia is a little boy crazy. She loves her boy cousins that are her age the very most and wants to marry them. We tell her she can't marry her cousins. She just adores Chad, though, and well we are in Arkansas. Might as well! She is just miniature. She is only 2 months younger than Chad and about 2 feet shorter, too.

Even though we had been in Arkansas for 2 weeks, the kids did not want to leave. It was a sad day when we went home. Heather texted me when I was checking our bags at the airport. She told me she was still outside and it was not too late to change our tickets again and stay another week.