Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at the Lake

This year is Wagstaff Christmas, and my whole family always goes out to the lake for Christmas. Mark and Heather's family came even though Heather's obgyn told her he didn't really want her to travel since her baby is due in February. When I told Jackson they weren't going to come he cried. Austin and Braden are his favorite people in the world. All of my kids were elated when they found out that Heather decided she would be okay and she would travel. Devey just got back from BYU Idaho, and we don't see Andrew that much, so it is fun to see them.
Austin is quite a wiseman!
Hadley was very excited to be an angel.

Hayden was another wiseman.

Olivia was Mary.

Santa came! Olivia asked him specifically for a pink basketball. Not sure why.

Olivia and Carter were very upset that we had to wait for everyone to be ready to start opening presents.

Hayden and Jackson asked for soccer jerseys. Hayden wanted a Ronaldino AC Milan one, and Jackson wanted a Christino Rinaldo Real Madrid one. They thought this Christmas had to be the best ever!!!! I'm looking at Jackson and thinking I really miss his summer blond. It has all been cut off, and he seems so pasty. Winter is so sad!!!

Holiday Fun

Olivia's kindergarten class party was so cute! She got to wear her pajamas and bring her blanket--which she was very excited about. The party was gingerbread man themed. Their gingerbread men ran away, and they went on a hunt all over the school to find them.

This is the picture that Olivia showed people around the school when she was looking for her gingerbread man.

Last Saturday night, the Merrills came over for dinner and gingerbread house making. Even Carter needed his own "Gingerhouse." Carter and Olivia were very into it. Jackson just wanted to finish it really fast, so he could get back to the Cowboy's game. The Merrill kids were pretty much pros. They made our kid's houses look pretty sad!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Erickson Family Pictures

This Thanksgiving we took family pictures in Vernal with Eric's family and his whole extended Erickson family.

Corey and Brenda's family
Aunt Hillary and Olivia Jeff and Hillary

Lindsey and me
Jorie, Lindsey and Olivia
Eric's parents--Anita and Ron
Parker and Aria's family
The whole Enloe family
Eric's Uncle Darwin's family

GG Lois with her 4 kids--Darwin, Robyn, Lois, Anita, Rod

The whole Erickson family

Aunt Robyn's family

Uncle Rod and Aunt Margo with all their grandkids

Uncle Rod's family

GG Lois with her 2 daughters and their daughters

GG Lois's 90th Birthday

We went to Vernal this Thanksgiving to celebrate Eric's grandma's 90th birthday. Every grandchild and great grandchild was there. We had a huge open house and GG Lois was so happy! We all love, admire and adore her. She is the greatest lady and such a good example.

She sat in a chair and watched the program. Olivia sat and watched with her. We sang 2 of her favorite songs.

She wanted us to sing "When He Comes Again" and she wanted Jackson to sing the 2nd verse as a solo. She actually told him she wanted him to sing at her funeral, but we thought we would do it now, so she can enjoy it.
We also sang "Have I told you lately that I love you." Eric's grandpa Bryce used to sing it to her. I guess we did it right, because she was crying.

All the grandsons took turns dancing with Grandma. It was very cute!

All of GG Lois's siblings that are still alive were there to celebrate, too.

A Little Late--3 months ago--Keith Urban!

Back in September I had a great girl's night to the Keith Urban concert. We bugged Danna's husband Brady to get us free tickets, and he came through for us. I liked Keith Urban before, but I was in love after seeing him in concert. He was amazing!!!!!! In this picture are Danna, Heidi, me and Taraka. I'm feeling pretty white and winterish looking back to how tan I was back then. I need to move out of the winter arctic!

Little Big Town opened for him, They were actually really good. I recognized a few of their songs.

Las Vegas Girl's Weekend

The weekend before Thanksgiving I went to Las Vegas for a super-fun weekend with my sister-in-laws. Nichole isn't really my sister-in-law. She is actually a cousin-in-law, but we claim her. Nichole, me, Hillary and Brenda got all dressed up to go wait in line for the midnight showing of New Moon. We dropped off Parker at his client's house and stopped for a picture in front of his Bentley.
We got to-go dinner and ate it in line. We really aren't crazy Twilight fans, but we thought it would be a fun excuse for a girl's weekend.

They let us into the theater 3 hours before the show started, so we just hung out and talked. In this picture are Lindsey, Betty, me, Carrie, Brenda and Becky. It was so fun that Betty met us there for the movie. It was great to see her, since she decided to get married, move to Vegas, and desert us. Potty training Carter was brutal without her. She potty trained Olivia for me. Anyway--Brenda's best friends Carrie and Becky came for the weekend, too. It was so fun to have them there! They are awesome and fit in great with us.
Friday started with pedi-manis and then lunch and shopping.
Dinner was at Serindipity's. It was the greatest, because they brought our dessert before our food. That is the way it should be.
Nichole, me, Hillary, Lindsey and Brenda

Do you think the group of us bought enough shoes?????

Nichole took the picture of the 3 of us. Pretty impressive camera work, since she is in the picture!